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We love London, Ontario and found that there are so many amazing businesses, and services out there for fitness, holistic health, wellness, and family friendly events.  

We created LFL to be a resource site for all of these things and more!  

We look forward to growing our blog with more on-site interviews, business visits and informative guest bloggers.  

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About the Boss Babe here at LFL

HI!  I'm Rebecca, and here's a little about me: 

My Story: 

- I'm momma to 4 little cuties, ranging in ages from 15 to 2 years of age.  They are my biggest supporters in life!  Although, I have always been an active person, after having my babies I have been more driven to maintain an active lifestyle and and eat healthier.  Being a good example and teaching them to take care of their bodies and their health is most important to me! 

- I am a coffee LOVER!  It's my one true vice! 

- I LOVE sports!  I enjoy watching Hockey, Baseball, and Football as well as pretty much anything else live!  I am a fan of the CFL, which a get some grief for, but I love to be able to attend a local-ish live football game!!  GO REDBLACKS!!  I am a long time Blue Jays fan,  a more recent the Red Sox, and a Green Bay Packers Babe!!  I am also a Senators fan, as Ottawa is one of my favourite cities!!  

- I have always had an active lifestyle from playing on sports teams, horseback riding, running, hiking and participating in many winter sports.  Growing up on a farm helped to nurture my active life as I always spent my time outside! 

- TRUTH - I don't cook well but I am learning and I do LOVE food prepping!!  There is something therapeutic about chopping veggies and preparing to make a healthy meal for your family! 

- I am all about growing and evolving, I feel you can never stop learning!  I truly believe in feeding the Mind, Body and Soul!  I am continuing my education and I am currently pursuing a certification in Nutrition and Personal training.  I am also taking specialty courses in Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness. 

- My Day job - I am the Owner, Lead Planner and Designer at High Gloss Weddings & Events, we specialize in weddings and event planning, decor and floral designs.  I also work as an aesthetician at a Day Spa in Stratford. 

- I am a Brand Partner at Puratae - this has been a life changer for me!  I love that I can add something simple to my daily routine and start my day off on the right foot!  And the kids love it too! 

I look forward to getting to know you all better, and hope to meet you at some of the local events & socials!   Follow me on Instagram or Facebook 

Please feel free to reach out & drop me a line to chat anytime! 

Rebecca at the market in London, Ontario

Rebecca at the market in London, Ontario